I haven't posted anything for almost two months. Time flies. Or is it that I have given up on GNU/Linux?

Not at all, quite the contrary.

The thing is that there isn't much that has happened for me during this time, computer or Linux-wise. I just did stuff, using the computer.

During that time, the computer had no issue, not a single one. In fact, I don't remember having to think, even less so worry, about the computer. Like I said, I just used the computer to do whatever I wanted. Not to being constantly reminded that I had to take care of it, because of a mandatory update or because this or that suddenly stopped working like expected. As important if not more, imo, there was no constant spying on me.

The computer was there, ready, every time I needed it. It was like using… any other of the tools in my toolbox. And isn't it exactly what a computer should be? A mere tool, a trusty and trustworthy tool, that works for its owner — not for the company that sells it?

So, yes I still use Debian Gnu/Linux every single day and I can't remember the last time using a computer was so relaxing.

Thanks, GNU. Thanks, Linux. Thanks, Debian. Thanks a lot.