Content is written in Emacs, using org-mode as a markup language. The occasional image is edited in Gimp and optimized through a rudimentary imagemagick shell script.

The site is made using Hugo, a static web generator. Web pages are uploaded on the server using rsync and ssh. The website is hosted by monarobase, a small French company with a top-notch client support.

Everything runs smoothly on either a 2011 ThinkPad X220 laptop or on a desktop computer I build in 2015 and upgraded in 2017. Both computers use Xfce on GNU/Linux Debian 11.

What about the author?

I'm a French 50-something that decided to stop using all proprietary/predatory tools, apps and services that I, as many of us, have been using for too many years by pure lazyness and the desire to do like everybody else. I don't want to contribute to their success anynore, or to the kind of society they want to build. No more Apple or Microsoft for me. No Facebook and no Twitter either. Almost no Google, as I still use YouTube to watch videos. I have also replaced my iPhone with an Android one that has been de-googled thanks to the guys at the e Foundation.

After more than thirty years using only proprietary tools, switching to to Free Libre Softwares took my a few days to get used to them and to change some habits. In the end, I now have hardware that run smoother, software that run much better than what people tend to say about GNU/Linux and software I can configure to my liking More importantly, I am not constantly spied on on my computers or on my phone.

This is personal choice, not a religious conversion. If I decided to share it publicly it is first and foremost as an invitation to think about this possibility that is barely considered: se are not doomed to use the big apps and big manufacturers. Then, it is to show by example the even if one is not an expert geek user GNU/Linux is more than adequate even though not frictionless (let the one that never had an issue with Windows or Mac throw ne the first Blue Screen of Death or Kernel Panic). In fact, except in childhood when I started using my very first computer (my dad's Apple II), and despite some real frustrations here and there, I can't recall a time when I enjoyed using my computer that much.

/blog/img/meditate.png (Image source: Meditating GNU)